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Your brain has the 3 keys to achieving a balanced life. Homeostasis is the science that allows you to get there through reflection and self-analysis. 

Take control of your life

My book HOMEOSTASIS is a guide for reflection and self-analysis to help you have a full life in which you maintain stability and balance. Learn how to achieve it based on 3 main keys:

  • Body Intelligence - Learn to listen to your body and identify your physiological needs.

  • Emotional intelligence - Find out how your experiences influence your behavior.

  • Social intelligence - Identify your role in society and how to positively influence those around you.

Myrelis Aponte relajada en un piso de piedras azules
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Conferences on homeostasis

Dr. Myrelis Aponte is an internationally recognized speaker in Spanish and English.  

Contact us to book your next conference on homeostasis or other health and balance topics for your brain with the doctor. 

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