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Meet Dr. Myrelis Aponte

Dra. In Psychology, Coach, Writer and International Speaker

Dr. Myrelis Aponte Samalot, Psy.D., LPP, NCC


She is a licensed clinical psychologist and was an associate professor of the Ana G. Méndez System, as well as a doctoral faculty at the Inter-American University of Puerto Rico.


He has a doctorate from the Ponce School of Medicine and a specialty in neuropsychology from NYU Hospital. His clinical experience spans private and public sectors. He is certified by the National Board of Certified Counselors and Coaches.


She is also certified as a speaker, workshop leader, motivator and coach by the John Maxwell Team, FEMA and ACER. He has received honors from the Hispanic Mental Health Association in New York.


Dr. Myrelis is a national and international speaker on various topics such as neurolearning, communication, leadership, emotion management, team transformation, crisis management, among many others.


His energetic and interactive style provokes introspection and transformation of the human being. Her greatest passion is working to fulfill the dreams and goals of entrepreneurial men and women.

Myrelis aponte sonriendo junto a un árbol
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