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You can take the GIRL out of the city but you can't take the CITY out of the girl...

Sounds like something from #sexinthecity 's Sarah Jessica Parker. I guess the new series launch inspired me to think about this. Btw, who is watching it?

I am a city girl, however, with age, I learned to love and enjoy nature in a different way. I mean... I live on a ranch with horses now!

But despite wearing jeans and waking up to the smell of hay every morning, I can't deny the city girl in me. And why am I talking about this? Well, through life we sometimes push ourselves in directions we didn't think or want at one point and instead of embracing it and adding it to who we are, we try to transform and shut down the other part of us to force ourselves into our new role. Women, in particular, tend to do this more. With maternity and marriage, we try to become that 'perfect mom and wife' and push away the sexy, the party person, or the adventurer, the career lover, and other aspects that are hidden now inside but still form a part of who we are. We do it with work as well trying to be more masculine and hide that perfect mom we are trying to portray in our personal lives at the same time. And we create this dichotomy with different sides where neither is really our true selves in any way instead of embracing who we are and allowing who we are to adopt the new phases and facets of our life.

This leads to exhaustion, stress, regret, depression, and a tremendous disconnect from those around us.

Being true to ourselves doesn't mean we can't accept change or adopt new things. And changing doesn't mean we can't carry who we were. Being able to accept our past, present and future is part of the key to a happy life. Be true to yourself and stay true during these holidays.

That might be the best gift you can give yourself and others.


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