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TIC... TOC...TIC...TOC... the countdown to the new year is getting close and while you don't need a new year to start something or stop it... we mentally like to have a calendar to create a starting point.

Humans find comfort in patterns and our clocks and calendars give us those patterns. They establish beginnings and ends and help us organize things in our minds. That's why we start diest on a Monday or a 30-day challenge on the 1st of the month. That's also why we create goals at the beginning of the year. And although it's not needed, it's also very much ok. Because whatever makes you feel better with those decisions and helps you track your steps and commit to it is good.

So, if a new year helps you get pumped to set up a plan and really go for it, then do it. But remember to be realistic when you set goals and a plan to achieve them. Be kind to yourself and establish the steps because the year may go by fast but it has 365 days and you need to divide them into steps so you don't give up.

Go for it! Make this 2022 your year!

Your coach, motivator, and favorite neuroscientist,

Dra. Myrelis Aponte


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