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Are you feeling the HOLIDAY BLUES or the HOLIDAY HIGH?

The holidays are a time of cheer for many raising endorphins due to feeling connected and giving back to others. However, not everyone feels the holiday high. Some fall for the holiday blues. And this year with a pandemic still very present in some places, this holiday blues are taking over so many. Whether it's because they can't travel to be with loved ones or because they lost someone, it is becoming a hard time for many people around the world.

So, I want to propose something. Let's help 5 people we know, 5 people we love, and 5 perfect strangers.

- Let's spread the cheer by going to 5 new random profiles and leaving a positive comment in their last post with positive feedback. (Example: search for the hashtag #momlife and tell 5 moms you don't know how much you like their last advice, or how great they look, or how much they inspired you today).

- Let's look through our phone and contact 5 people we haven't had contact within a year or more and wish them a happy holiday season and ask them how they are doing.

- Let's look for 5 people we love and are close to us to ask if they are ok, if they have plans for the holidays and if they need help with anything before the year ends.

We can be part of that holiday endorphin booster. And it only takes 15 minutes. 1 per person.

Your coach, motivator, and favorite neuroscientist,

Dra. Myrelis Aponte


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