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This past week I gave a very special corporate conference on success and goal setting followed by some axe throwing activities for a group of real estate professionals.

I was invited by @amtitletrustllc and @themortgagemvp to their AXE YOUR GOALS event to give a motivation speech and key steps to achieve success for their @therealestatefunsquad attendees in English.

For those who didn't know this, giving conferences and lessons on corporate training and retreat events both in English and Spanish is part of what I do.

At AXE YOUR GOALS 🪓 we spoke about how the basics of successful axe throwing can apply to your professional career as well. Self-consciousness, practice and perseverance, standing your ground and designing your path will be key to axe your goals in anything you set yourself up for.

Have a happy Sunday and start setting the goals you want to axe this week. 😉

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