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Social Media Anxiety

How was your day without social media yesterday? Did you go about your day or run desperately to Twitter? Or did you not even notice that Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and others were down?

Social media has become a great part of our lives beyond what most people expected. From businesses that depend on Facebook stores to the validation or motivation (yes, some use it in a positive way) that we get from it. Remember the book 'Alice Through The Looking Glass'? Social media is a bit like that, a weird mirror where some things of our real lives reflect but not quite like in a normal mirror.

And the reality is that it often reflects a distorted image of our lives, one that many actually love more than the full reality. And here is the first reason why people experience anxiety when they are cut off from social media...they are left with a reality they don't like. Another reason is that many have turned this platform into their main way of communication. We are social animals, and whether it's through a phone or in person, we need to communicate. Cutting off ties with other humans can be difficult.

How was your Monday without social media?

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