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BEAUTY can hide some of the most dangerous or dramatic aspects of LIFE.

A BETA FISH is one of the most beautiful fish we find in a pet store. Their colors and giant tails can seem hypnotizing. Betas are also one of the strongest and most aggressive fishes out there. They survive in swamps, dirty water... and need little to live. However, they are incredibly aggressive, fight even with their own reflection (don't put a mirror in their fish tank), and need space living alone.

Sometimes, we can be like the beta fish. Setting up this beautiful image for others to admire and feel attracted to but we fight them when they get close forcing ourselves to live lonely lives admired or seen by others from the other side of the glass.

How often have we seen comedians who dedicate their lives to making others smile but take their own life because they are sad and lonely?

How often do people applaud the beauty of a model or a star who was actually surviving on alcohol or drugs or facing anorexia to keep up with the image?

This is not something new that social media created. The 'show must go on' concept is one that has taken lives for centuries. And we don't need to be famous to fall for it.

Today, I want to invite you to think about this. Are you truly connected to those around you or are you letting them see you from the other side of the glass? Use this holiday season to connect, to break the glass, to ask for help or companionship. Don't be a beta. And if you find a human beta in your life, reach out. This time of the year, even those who can't smile back are in need of that smile.


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