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Myrelis Aponte

Your brain healthier and more balanced

Neuropsychologist, Coach and Author

Dr. Myrelis's books will help you through reflection and self-analysis to have a full life in which you maintain stability and balance.


Learn how to achieve it based on 3 main keys:

  • Body Intelligence- Learn to listen to your body and identify your physiological needs.

  • Emotional intelligence- Discover how your experiences influence your behavior.

  • Social intelligence- Identify your role in society and how to positively influence those around you.

Portada libro Homeostasis de la Dra Myrelis Aponte
Portada del libro Happy Brain Happy Life de la Dra Myrelis Aponte

Meet Dr. Myrelis Aponte

Neuropsychologist, Mental Health Coach, CEO of Vital Development and Author

Licensed clinical psychologist and former associate professor of the Ana G. Méndez System, as well as a doctoral faculty at the Inter-American University of Puerto Rico. 

Dr. Myrelis Aponte is a recognized professional in the clinical field in which she has received numerous awards. She is also known as a lecturer  and coach both in the USA and in Puerto Rico with international clients and followers. 

Now in her new phase as an author, she brings her theories on homeostasis to the general public through her books to help everyone achieve mental and emotional balance.

Dra Myrelis Aponte acostada sobre piedras


Myrelis Aponte en la playa

The journey to a healthy brain and mindset begins on the path of self-love and balance.

Let's travel together.

In the Masterminds sessions in which I participated with Dr. Myrelis, I received tools that have helped me continue to develop personally and professionally. 

Ivonne Villegas Santos

Founder of HomeWorld School

Not only is Dr. Myrelis's message charged with conviction and passion, it is also conveyed with a rare and much-needed temperance that leads to mental transformation. The integrity of her message makes her a great modern change agent!

Dr. Lourdes Allen

Author & Speaker

Education Consultant

“The workshops and conferences with Dr. Myrelis are the practical application of scientific knowledge for strategic success. "

Dra. Laura Trinidad

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